When Macmillan publishers came to Mess looking for an immersive fan experience for their popular Lunar Chronicles series, we delivered a site chock full of features.

The blocks at the top of the homepage showed social media based challenges that allowed users to unlock new content and enter exclusive contests once a certain number of tweets or posts were reached. The bottom section of the page pulled in Tumblr content posted by both fans and the publisher.

Homepage featured social challenges and blog content

One of the most interesting elements for the site was a "Glamour Yourself" feature, which allowed users to use their webcam to add special effects to a 4 second video loop. 


For a year, I was the lead designer at Winestyr, a craft wine startup based in Chicago, and it was a blast. If you’re part of the startup world, you know one title never really encapsulates your job, though. In that year, I dabbled in product design, print design, social media management, marketing, copywriting, packaging design, photography, wine tasting, content creation, and so much more.

Throughout the year, I created many marketing pieces in addition to managing the overall design of the site.

Since leaving my full-time position, I've continued to freelance for Winestyr, providing guidance throughout a company rebrand. I've  provided UX for core interior pages, developed a style guide, and designed an onboarding email chain.


Pennyroyal Academy, a young adult novel, takes the Grimm fairytale princesses and turns them into badass warriors for good. In collaboration with an illustrator, Mess developed a Princess Creator that would allow fans to create their own Pennyroyal Princess and recruit their friends.

Fun note: this project got praise from both Reese Witherspoon AND the Brony community.


While in school, I dreamed up an event for the Brew & View Theater in Chicago. This is my attempt to rebrand the Brew & View itself as clever and entertaining, then create and brand an event to draw in new patrons and remind loyal fans why they fell in love in the first place. Materials include promotional flyers (with stickers and wristbands), sponsorship materials for outside events, and thank you magnet cards after the marathon.


The core segment of business for Mess is book publishers, which is perfect for a nerd like myself. From kids books to romance novels, I've designed for it all.




It's one thing to think through the UX process as an adult, but it's another thing to design for kids. These are a few sites designed for growing minds and little fingers.


A few of the latest logos I've designed for freelance clients and personal projects